6/26/2018: Introduction

In the time of the big-box store, we are seeing people go with the same styles and colors since they are what is generally in stock and they are reasonably priced. The problem with convenience in a world where people want things right now is that they are sacrificing quality and style.

We admit that convenience has its place. We love to be able to order dinner from any place we want and have it show up to our door without so much as having to speak to anyone. There is a benefit to having any bit of knowledge or trivia at your fingertips. Though it does take fun out of a lot of discussions around the dinner table when that uncle insists that the capitol of West Virginia is Wheeling instead of Charleston. Just take out your smart phone and the discussion is over.

When it comes to the bathroom fixtures and details around your house, convenience is the enemy of style. How can you find your look and your style if you settle for a basic faucet because it was what was left on the shelf?

We love the details. We love the process of painstakingly finding just the right piece for that place that needs it. Sometimes it could take a while. With Harrington Brass Works you are not just getting your style right, you are getting the quality for that style to last. We only use the highest quality parts for our handcrafted bathroom fixtures. 

With this blog we are going to visit some of our favorite styles and ideas. We hope you will come along for the ride with us.